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Periodic Pains - Menstrual

What are periodic pains - Menstrual?

For most women, periodical (menstrual) pain is not so severe that it limits their daily activities and their daily life. However, some women should spend this day resting due to pain. If your periodic pain affects your daily activities, then below you can find some tips on how to spend these days:

What causes period pain?

Periodic pains are caused by uterine contractions. During uterine contractions, a woman’s body releases certain chemicals called prostaglandins. As a result of this comes pain

How can you relieve period pain?

Heat is a good way to help relieve pain eg a hot shower can cause muscle relaxation.

Massage – helps your muscles relax by rubbing your stomach

Exercise – actively engaging in exercise is a good way to relieve pain.

Try light swimming, walking or cycling.

These are some traditional methods.

Pain relievers – Ibuprofen (in this case Dolofix Menstrual) can be particularly effective because it has anti-prostaglandin effects.

Complementary therapies – such as meditation, herbal TEAS (raspberry leaf tea) or other remedies can help reduce period pain.

When should you consult your doctor?

Please see your doctor if your period pains are more severe than normal, if you have menstrual disorders or if your period is delayed.